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Counseling Disclaimer: Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) is not counseling, but rather prayer ministry. A Transformation Prayer Ministry facilitator should never lead, guide or direct the session in any manner. He should never diagnose, give advice, offer personal opinion, counsel, provide steps of action (all of which have value in the right context), but rather allow the person to have a genuine encounter with the presence of Christ. If the ministry facilitator ever does anything to move the ministry session in any direction that he thinks it should go, then he is no longer doing Transformation Prayer Ministry. 

Transformation Prayer Ministry does not seek to replace good biblical counseling.  Christian counseling has great value in the counseling context. Transformation Prayer Ministry is focused on identifying the lie-based core belief that we harbor and seeking the Lord in prayer to receive his counsel through the presence of the Holy spirit. Transformation Prayer is a ministry of prayer. If you are seeking Christian mental health care please seek out a Christian mental health care provider in your area.

The following links will get you started in learning about Transformation Prayer Ministry.

We are glad that you are searching out for yourself what is actually taught concerning this ministry. Some people take at face value the opinions of others without searching out a matter themselves. You are encouraged to study carefully what is presented on this website and in the printed training materials.

Christian Research Institute (CRI) took the time to enter into dialogue with us and made this statement after over two years of dialogue;

“After an exhaustive evaluation, CRI detects nothing unbiblical about the core theory and practice of Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM). The theory is elegant in its profound simplicity, and the anecdotal reports of its effectiveness in practice justify further investigation; “…CRI finds nothing inconsistent with Scripture in TPM’s core theory and practice. It certainly fits the biblical worldview to hold that believing lies oppresses or injures people and replacing those lies with truth frees or heals them. The theory that the emotional pain that haunts so many people’s lives (including Christians) is rooted in false beliefs associated with past experiences rather than the experiences themselves seems elegant in its profound simplicity, and the proposal that Satan is often the source of those lies while Jesus supplies the truth that dispels them is again consistent with Scripture (e.g., John 8:44; 14:6; 18:37). This emphasis on conforming one’s beliefs to truth is entirely biblical (Ps. 43:3; 51:6; Prov. 23:23; 1 Cor. 13:6; Eph. 4:14–15, 25; 5: 8; 6:1411), and the complete dependence on Christ in ministry to the hurting that TPM advocates, to the point of giving Him the central place in that ministry, is commendable at least in concept and warrants consideration…”

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