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Steps for Becoming Trained in Transformation Prayer

We advise that you do the TPM training with one of our trainers. New training materials/manual will be provided. This training will connect well with the new online training of TPM international.

The NEW internet training of Ed Smith is very useful for all training  -there is videos and documents to read. Follow the plan on the website:  Go to

Important Note: Having done all of the theory only says that you have the text knowledge of the training. Becoming a good facilitator can only be achieved after many hours of experience, practice and much personal ministry for yourself. If you are unwilling to adhere to these training requirements please do not call what you do in ministry Transformation Prayer.

It is best to complete the training as a group if at all possible.

People are encouraged to participate as a part of a training group or ministry team rather than going it alone. A vital part of the overall training is the practicum in which the student practices giving and receiving ministry. This is usually accomplished over an extended period of time (6-8 months).

Training setting is flexible but some settings have proven better than others.

There are no mandatory requirements for the setting in which your training occurs but there are the following suggestions.

  • We believe  the best setting for training is in a group context under the leadership of a pastor or other church leader.
  • If there are leaders who are already trained in TPM who can provide supervision and practice, this is strongly encouraged.
  • No one should operate as a “lone wolf” in ministry. We are members of the Body of Christ and should offer ministry in the context of Christian community.
  • It is STRONGLY advised that you not offer this ministry to outsiders until you have invested many hours in practice with a team of others (6-12 months of weekly practice is suggested.) During this time frame every person in training (leaders and students) should receive many hours of personal ministry as well.

TPM trainings will be advertised on our FaceBook Page :  TPMSA Transformation Prayer